Advanced Care Program

The hospital’s Advanced Care Program is a response to the overwhelming number of adult community members with complex conditions. Over 6,000 patients a month seek care in our Emergency Department, often arriving with conditions worsened by the fact that they’ve been unable to see a doctor for many years. Upon discharge, these same patients may be at risk for hospital readmission. A trusted source of outpatient care for high acuity patients can help them manage their conditions and remain productive, contributing members of our community.

The Advanced Care Clinic, the first initiative of the Advanced Care Program, began offering care in December 2016. It serves patients transitioning from the hospital, offering critical post-discharge care high acuity patients who need specialized help to manage their health over time. The MLK, Jr. Community Medical Group, a unique tax-exempt hospital-physician partnership, was formed by MLKCH to recruit culturally aligned physicians to practice in the Advanced Care Program. Working in partnership with UCLA, particularly the Department of Family Medicine and its International Medical Graduate program, the MLK, Jr. Community Medical Group is the innovative heart of the Advanced Care Program and its work to improve community health in South Los Angeles.

Expansion of Services

Our experience with patients since the hospital opened informs a planned expansion of services to address the most urgent needs presented by our community members. Timely intervention can prevent conditions from becoming serious or even life-threatening. Soon our patients will be able to receive those services at MLKCH.

Service expansion will provide the equipment and space necessary to offer procedures that can slow the progression of chronic disease—and save lives. It also launches Phase I of the development of Centers of Excellence, focused areas of practice designed to comprehensively address the most pressing health challenges in our community. Specialists committed to care for our community will have a place to do their work. Patients will receive services they need, and might otherwise not receive. Expanded services and Centers of Excellence represent the hospital’s commitment to move the needle on community health, keeping our promise to the families of South Los Angeles.

Innovations in Healthcare

As a new hospital organization with a state-of-the-art facility, we’re in a unique position to design and implement innovative processes and quickly assess their effectiveness. MLKCH opened with an all-electronic health records system, integrated smart devices, and a unique Care Management model.

Our Innovations in Healthcare initiative attracts partners interested in piloting new ideas and processes to improve healthcare access, delivery, and quality for a safety-net population. These innovations are critical to improving the health of our community. As they are implemented, hospitals serving vulnerable urban communities nationwide will be able learn from our success.

Art Fund

In medical facilities, incorporating art does more than enhance aesthetics. Research shows that the visual environment supports the healing process, helping to manage patient and caregiver stress levels, and improving quality of care and recovery time. Well-placed art also aids patients and visitors in navigating their way through large hospital spaces.

The hospital’s Art Fund places artwork that reflects the hospital’s community in theme, artist, and style throughout the public and private spaces of MLKCH. Current work includes pieces from artists such as Synthia St. James and Katherina Madelena Short. A calm, welcoming space for patients, their families, and caregivers has begun to take shape. Over time, gifts of art will continue to enrich our environment and reflect the strength and vitality of our community.