The Caretaker

A near-death experience becomes a chance for Jimmie Brown to give back to his community.

A Prescription for a Better Life

An innovative, new program at MLKCH helps patients like Jolanda White manage their conditions—starting with what they eat. 

From the Ground Up

Ruben Aguayo gives back to MLKCH because he can relate to how important our hospital’s quality healthcare services are to the residents of South LA.

‘You Get Back What You Give,’ Says Mary Weiler

Five years ago, our Director of Medical Staff inspired the launch of MLKCH Gives. Today, she continues to lead others to give.

From Teen Mom to Maternity Department Leader

Tammy Turner became a mother at age 16 and was determined to break the cycle of poverty she had been born into by successfully pursuing a career in nursing.

An Apple for the Student

What do red apples have to do with simple, innovative ideas that save the lives of people with diabetes? Ask MLKCH nurse Diane Fortin.

Building a Relationship with Good Health

This family found a doctor they loved and it changed their relationship to health. See how access to high-quality care impacted three generations.

Our Nurses Take Patients’ Needs to Heart

With compassion and perception, our nurses create a way to empower patients with heart disease to improve their health at home.

Love and Lifelines Lead from Poverty to MLKCH

From a grandmother’s generous love comes a doctor who knows firsthand about the struggles his South LA patients face.

Meet the Joyful Dr. Myron Hall

Dr. Myron Hall feels joy about doing his life’s work at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital and his joy is contagious.