Celebrating Our Doctors

Celebrating Our Doctors


We have amazing doctors here at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital—experienced, world-class leaders who show up every day with compassion, respect, and smiles for our patients. They're here, choosing to work at our hospital, because they care about the people in our community and creating health equity for South Los Angeles.

With two national recognitions taking place in March—Physicians’ Week and Doctors' Day—we thought it was the perfect time to rally our community to acknowledge our own outstanding medical team.

Throughout the month, we posted our thanks to our doctors on social media. We profiled one of our doctors, the joyful Dr. Myron Hall. Plus, we created an electronic card to send each of them—see below—and encouraged people from our community to sign it.

And when founding Advocates Dr. Kristine Penner and Mr. Steven Klein stepped forward with a challenge matching gift in honor of our doctor appreciation effort, we took up a collection for the hospital as an extra way to show our gratitude.

Our thanks to everyone who participated by signing the card on Facebook or who made a gift in honor of our doctors.

Together, we're having a real impact on people's lives.


To the doctors at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital,  

We know you make your patients feel like they’re getting the best care at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH).

We appreciate how you treat people with respect and kindness. You’re a big part of making our community healthier and more hopeful.

Thank you for your commitment to South LA. Thank you for being patient and friendly. And thank you for doing the best for our community!

Happy Doctors' Day!


Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital Leadership
MLK Community Health Foundation
And the following:


Penny Amescua

Thelma Benison

Lovlette Blair Woolcock

Tara Bloom

Renee Bone

Blackbutterfly Brown

Star Brown

CeCe Burrell

Rachel Carmichael

Adrian Casarez

Aimee Connelley

Annette Curi-Morton

Ann Davis

Tracy Donegan

MJ Douglas


Juana Flores

Eleanora Gardley

Penni Gardner

Noelle Geller

Leslee Hamilton

Kelsey Heng

Erma Johnson

Casmir Jordan

Crystal Lee

Donnette Lowd

A. Martell

Clelia Melara

Rita Minjarez

Lillian Mmari Mgonja

Rhonda Moore

Trisha Muse

Herb Packer

John Phillips

Arvie Powell


Christine Preziosi

Maria Raigoza

Lisa Reed

Jodi Remensperger

Kaye Rhodes

James Rickabaugh

Carol Casey, RN

Tobey Robertson

Teresa Ross

Cassandra Roy

Elvia V. Salceda

Michael Sampiano

Yolanda Santos

Donald Scales

Jess Schoonmaker

Diantha Smith

L.V. Smith

Richard L. Speed Sr.

Mitchell Thomas

Pensri Tongkul

Maria Tovar

Bridgette Tyler

Priscilla Valencia

Joselyn Valle

Gordana Vukotich

Woodie Walker

Leesa Walker-Thomas

Trina Washington-Hill

Clarence Watson

Devon Weiss

Carol Williams

Carrie Willis

Cindy Windsor

Arnecia Windsor

Pat Wright


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